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The Benefits of a Wireless Wind Sensor

By Marta - SunSetter Technical Specialist

Posted May 13, 2024

The Benefits of a Wireless Wind Sensor

Protect Your SunSetter Awning Investment—Automatically!

SunSetter awnings are designed to brave the elements, but winds can be a particular problem for any sail-shaped piece of fabric. If no one is paying attention, an awning left open in the wind can be damaged. Luckily, there’s a solution, the Wireless Wind Sensor.


The Wireless Wind Sensor for SunSetter motorized awnings is battery-powered and mounts on the lateral arm near the front bar of your awning. When the sensor detects wind movements above a set threshold, it automatically retracts your awning. So, if you forget to retract your motorized awning and a storm kicks up, the wireless sensor will detect the dangerous wind conditions and safely close your awning.


Installing and programming the Wireless Wind Sensor is simple. The sensor communicates directly with your awning’s motor. No special tools are needed and there are no wires to connect. Once installed, the wind sensor stays on alert for hazardously windy conditions. When the sensor’s batteries run low, an indicator will alert you. If that sounds simple and easy, it is.

It’s a rare location in the U.S. that doesn’t receive high winds at some point during the year. For peace of mind, the Wireless Wind Sensor is a solid investment.

For more information on SunSetter motorized awnings and the Wireless Wind Sensor, talk to your local SunSetter dealer. Find a dealer in your area now.