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Introducing the NEW EasyScreens from SunSetter

By Jenny - SunSetter Senior Product Manager

Posted July 10, 2023

Introducing the NEW EasyScreens from SunSetter

Take Back Your Porch or Covered Patio With EasyScreen Retractable Screens

If you’ve ever tried to enjoy your covered porch or patio but were driven back inside by insects, glaring sun, or a lack of privacy, the new EasyScreen retractable screen from SunSetter is for you.

An EasyScreen retractable screen rolls down to cover the openings of your porch or patio to provide bug protection, shade, and privacy. The motorized screen automatically moves up or down using zip-retention side channels or cable guides to keep it in place while allowing for refreshing airflow and unobstructed views.

An EasyScreen for Every Home

EasyScreens retractable screens come in two basic varieties. The EasyScreen Zipper Track System truly brings the indoors outside to turn your porch or patio into comfortable outdoor living space. The system utilizes zip-retention side channels that seal the retractable screen to the edges of your porch openings and your house. The result is an instant bug-proof space that lets you enjoy your porch or patio as if it were another room in your home.

For porches and covered patios with irregular openings that can’t accommodate the zip-retention side channels, there’s the EasyScreen Cable-Guided System. While this system doesn’t provide the bug-proof protection of the Zipper Track System, you’ll still enjoy increased privacy and outstanding protection from the glaring sun. The cable-guided system is perfect for gazebos, pergolas, decks, large windows, and doors.

The Big Benefits of EasyScreens

EasyScreens retractable screens are, well, easy. A one-touch remote control opens or closes your screen in seconds. You get bug-free, glare-free living and plenty of privacy at the touch of a button. It’s an instant extension of your living space.

There’s a modern look to EasyScreens retractable screens that will elevate any porch or patio. A wide range of colors and openness levels lets you select the perfect fabric for your home’s exterior. The reduction of UV rays on your porch’s furniture and rugs will extend the life of these furnishings. And keeping the sun off your porch or patio will also reduce the amount of sun that enters through to your home—which adds up to lower cooling costs.

The EasyScreen frames have a baked-on, powder-coat finish, ready to brave the elements—choose from white, cream, bronze, black, or gray. And both EasyScreen Zipper Track Systems and Cable-Guided Systems come with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty—which means your investment is protected. 

Finding the Perfect Screen Fabric

Both systems allow you to select a screen material that fits your needs. Choose the level of UV protection, wind, air flow, and bug protection you need to feel comfortable. Fabrics with higher openness levels allow in more light and air but provide less privacy. Lower openness fabrics reduce the view to the outside but provide excellent sun protection. Your SunSetter dealer can help you pick the screen fabric that’s right for you.

Leave the Installation to the Experts

EasyScreens retractable screens are available exclusively through SunSetter’s network of experienced dealers. Your SunSetter dealer will handle all the details and install your EasyScreens precisely for flawless appearance and performance.

Find a SunSetter EasyScreens dealer today and start living more comfortably on your porch or patio.