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Which Mounting Style is Best for Your Home?

By Marta - SunSetter Technical Specialist

Posted June 26, 2023

As you explore our awning models and mounting options, you may be asking which mounting style is best for my home? The simple answer is, it depends. The best mounting option for awnings on your home depends on various factors such as the type of awning, the structure of your home or building, available mounting height and your specific needs and preferences. We offer three mounting styles to best fit your home:

1. Wall Mounting

Wall mounting involves attaching the awning brackets to the exterior wall of your home or building. This method is often the easiest and least expensive when compared to soffit or roof mounting. Wall mounting works well for most awning sizes and types and provides good stability and support, particularly when installed securely into the wall studs.

2. Soffit Mounting

Soffit mounting involves attaching the awning brackets to the underside of the soffit, which is the underside of the eave or roof overhang. This mounting style requires soffit brackets and may require rafter adapter brackets if you are mounting to angled rafters. This method provides a clean and streamlined appearance. 

3. Roof Mounting

Roof mounting is available through one of our Authorized SunSetter Dealers. This method involves attaching the awning brackets directly to the roof of your home or building. This method is common when mounting awnings on homes with low roof edges and the 7'6" mounting height minimum cannot be reached with the other methods. This mounting style provides excellent stability and support as well as provides extra headroom. However, it requires professional installation and could potentially cause damage to your roof if not done correctly. 

Ultimately, the best mounting option for your awning depends on factors such as the size of the awning, the structural integrity of your home or building, local weather conditions, and your aesthetic preferences. For this reason, we recommend consulting with one of our professional awning installers to determine the most suitable mounting option for your specific situation.

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