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Shield your windows from the outside with EasyShade® exterior solar screens. Order the SunSetter EasyShade swatchbook to see your fabric options in person.

Energy-Saving EasyShade Fabric

The SunSetter EasyShade's fabric, made of vinyl-coated polyester, blocks 90% of sun, wind, and mist, but still lets in light and air. Because the fabric blocks the heat before it can get through your windows and sliders, your home will stay cooler naturally to lower your air conditioning costs. Plus, you’ll have more daytime privacy while still enjoying the view outdoors.

Coral White
Desert Sand

Order Your Free Swatchbook

See and feel the high-quality exterior fabric that blocks heat and UV rays while still allowing a view to the outdoors. Request your free four-color swatchbook to find just the right color for your home.

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