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Awning Energy Savings

SunSetter Awnings Go Green
Your SunSetter Awning is made with help from the Sun!

In an effort to lower our use of fossil fuels, reduce our "carbon footprint", and help in the effort to slow global warming, SunSetter Products has installed 616 solar panels on the roof of our manufacturing facilities in Malden, Massachusetts.

Each panel is 16.5 square feet, so the roof now has over 10,000 square feet of solar collection capability.

Produces a Third of our Electrical Needs, Plus...

These photovoltaic collectors, made here in Massachusetts, generate over 138,000 KWH (kilowatt hours) annually, which is about 35% of SunSetter's annual electrical need. On holidays and weekends, when our manufacturing facilities are closed, the panels continue to operate and return their electrical generation back to the national grid.

You can be proud, as a SunSetter Owner, that your awning was manufactured with help from the sun, with environmentally beneficial technology, and our common desire to help protect the planet. To see how SunSetter Awnings can help you save energy, CLICK HERE.

Lighting Upgrade Saves 18% in Electricity Costs -- and Save You Money, Too.

SunSetter upgraded its lighting fixtures to a more energy efficient system, which reduced by 18% our electricity usage.

All of our efforts to save energy directly benefit you, because they help us to keep our manufacturing costs down, which, in turn, helps keep the costs of our awnings down. We pass our savings directly on to you in the form of savings on SunSetter Products.

Recycling at SunSetter Products

Recycling at SunSetter Products We have a company-wide recycling program at SunSetter Products, in which we recapture office paper, cardboard, and boxboard. In addition, there are bottle and can collection bins at points throughout our plant and we recycle scrap aluminum in cooperation with our suppliers.