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General Awning Questions
Can a SunSetter help keep the inside of my home cooler?

Yes. In addition to keeping your deck or patio up to 20 degrees cooler, by blocking the sun from shining in a patio door or window, you can keep the inside of your house cooler, save on air conditioning bills, and help prevent your carpets from fading! A SunSetter helps cut energy use and lowers your carbon footprint.

Which SunSetter model is right for me?

That depends on your needs, where you live, where you want to install the awning, how you plan to use it, and your budget. Each model offers distinct advantages.

If you want the absolute ease, elegance, and simplicity of one-touch operation and an awning that has no vertical supports, our motorized awnings are the obvious choice. (Our motorized awnings are designed to be retracted when not in use.) They are not designed to be used with Rainaway Arches. Our motorized models, including the PRO and PRO XL that include Weatherbreaker Panels, cost more than the manual models because of their superb quality Somfy motor and lateral arm system. But they are still hundreds of dollars less than the competition without sacrificing any features or quality.

If you prefer the lateral arm design over the XT models, but do not need motorization, the Manual Awning should be your choice.

If you live where wind is a factor, if you plan to leave your awning open much of the time, if you want to take advantage of accessories such as our rainaway arches, if you have low eaves, or if you want the most awning for the least cost, the 1000XT Model is your best choice. You can also adjust the pitch of the 1000XT simply by raising or lowering the support arms.

If you want to put shade and protection anywhere, near your pool or just farther away from your house, our freestanding SunSetter Oasis in either the motorized or manual version is the model you want. The manual version can be placed anywhere there is a level surface. The motorized version comes with a 24 ft. power cord. (SunSetter recommends using a ground fault interupter electrical outlet.)

We want to emphasize that no matter which model you select, you can't make a bad choice when it comes to a SunSetter. You'll always be getting a superbly built, easy-to-operate, beautiful awning at an exceptional price. We guarantee your satisfaction or we'll give you your money back.

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What is the difference between the SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, Manual, 1000XT, and Oasis models?

The SunSetter Motorized Awning, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, and the Manual Awning are all lateral arm awnings. They do not have vertical support arms. The SunSetter Motorized and Motorized XL are electric-powered awnings that open and closes with the touch of a remote control (included). They are our most popular models. You just plug the 18 ft. cord into a grounded electrical outlet. The motor is hidden in the roller bar itself. The PRO and PRO XL awnings are simliar to the Motorized and Motorized XL, with the addition of built in Front Weatherbreaker Panels. The Manual Awning is manually-operated using a hand-cranked gear mechanism. The hand crank is included.

Motorized Awning (Electric powered lateral arm awning) In woven acrylic fabric: Widths: 8 ft., and 10–20 ft. In traditional laminated fabric: Widths 8 ft., and 10–18 ft.

Projection: 8 ft. wide awning extends 7 ft.
10–11 ft. awnings extend 9 ft.
12–20 ft. awnings extend 10 ft. 2 in.

Motorized XL Awning (A larger version of our motorized model) In woven acrylic fabric only: Widths: 14–20 ft. and Projection: 11 ft. 8 in.

PRO Awning (Electric-powered lateral arm awning) In woven acrylic fabric only: Widths: 8 ft., and 10–20 ft.

Projection: 8 ft. wide awning extends 7 ft.
10–11 ft. awnings extend 9 ft.
12–20 ft. awnings extend 10 ft. 2 in.

PRO XL Awning (A larger version of our motorized model) In woven acrylic fabric only: Widths: 14–20 ft. and Projection: 11 ft. 8 in.

Manual Awning (Manually-operated lateral arm awning) In woven acrylic fabric: Widths: 8 ft., and 10–18 ft. In traditional laminated fabric: Widths 8 ft., and 10–18 ft. Projection: See chart.

The Model 1000XT is manually operated. The awning opens easily in less than a minute using a hand-cranked gear mechanism. No electricity needed. One person can operate it with ease. The awning has vertical support arms, which gives it added strength and rigidity, especially in breezy locations.

Many of our owners prefer the 1000XT Model which extends out from your house 10 ft. 2 in. This model gives you more coverage and more shade at a lower cost. This is more than enough to protect a large table and chairs, several chaise lounges, a deck full of guests, or just about anything you want to cover. (Remember, a 10 x 12 ft. wide awning is over 120 square feet—the size of a small room in a house!) The Model 1000XT comes in even widths from 8 to 20 ft. This model is only available in our traditional laminated fabric, in 12 color choices.

1000XT Model (Manually-operated vertical support awning) Traditional laminated fabric only: Even widths from 8 ft. to 20 ft. and Projection: 10 ft. 2 in.

The SunSetter Oasis model is a freestanding awning that can be placed on any stable, level surface, such as on your lawn or poolside, as well as on a deck or patio. The motorized version has an 18 ft. electric plug-in cord. The manual version operates like our XT and Manual models, using a hand crank (included).

SunSetter Oasis (Freestanding model in motorized and manual versions) Sizes: 12 ft. x 10 ft. and 16 ft. x 10 ft. woven acrylic fabric only.

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Is the motor included or do I have to purchase it separately?

The SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, and Motorized Oasis all come with a quiet, rugged, Somfy electric motor (the world's best awning motor) with remote control and a manual override (in case of power outage), included.

How are SunSetters in the wind? Can I leave my awning open all the time?

Our awnings are sturdy and do very well in the wind. In tests by an independent laboratory, SunSetter Awnings withstood wind gusts of 55–75 mph. However, we do recommend that you retract them during strong, gusty winds. In fact, that's an advantage of SunSetters. Because they retract, they're great for breezy locales where a permanent awning would be somewhat impractical and prone to damage. Our optional wireless wind sensor for motorized models gives you additional peace of mind by closing your awning automatically on very windy days.

If you'd like to keep your 1000XT Model open most of the time, even in breezy locales, we recommend that you order our optional Rainaway Arches. These accessories make the awning more rigid and keep the awning fabric at maximum tautness, preventing the fabric from "flapping" in the wind. With these accessories in place, you can make your XT awning like a semi-permanent structure on your home, leaving it open most of the time (except during severe storms or in winter, when we recommend you roll up the awning when snow might collect on the fabric.)

What awning accessories do you offer?

Optional accessories for our 1000XT Model include our Rainaway Arches that add rigidity to the awning frame (for breezy locals) and headroom, while helping rain run off your awning fabric easily and DeFlappers that keep your awning fabric from flapping in the wind.

Accessories that work for all model awnings (including the Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, and Manual) are front and side Weatherbreaker Panels designed to block sun, rain, and wind from coming in under the awning; patio lights that let you enjoy your awning in the evening, our awning cover, and our awning cleaning kit.

We have a great protective aluminum hood for permanent protection of your Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, or Manual model.

Enjoy your awning evenings and nights with our dimming LED lights. They attach permanently to the support arms of your awning and provide many levels of light, from bright to a soft glow, for just the right illumination. They stay on your awning all year long and make your SunSetter even more versatile.

We also offer a wireless wind sensor for the Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, and Motorized Oasis that closes your awning automatically on very windy days. And for the freestanding SunSetter Oasis we offer the patio lights for a great evening ambiance and the Oasis awning cover for extra protection during the off season.

Best of all, we now offer accessories in different money-saving packages that let you purchase our most popular accessory combinations for far less than what you would have to pay for them individually. All SunSetter accessories are warranted for 5 years.

Why do SunSetters cost so much less than a custom awning? Will it stand up to years of service? Will it last?

SunSetters are such good values because as the largest American manufacturer of home awnings, we buy raw materials at the best prices possible, we assemble our awnings at the most efficient way, using electricity generated by the sun, and we pass the savings along to you. Yet when it comes to quality you'll find you're not giving up anything. Your SunSetter Awning is assembled with care in America in our 78,000 sq. ft. factory using only the finest quality materials. Our struts and supports are made from high-quality aluminum for superior strength without excess weight. Our rolling mechanisms have been tested for over 20,000 cycles without failure—the equivalent of over 20 years' use.

The Somfy motor we use for our motorized models is the absolute best in the industry. The SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, and PRO XL Awnings, Manual Awning, and Oasis use state-of-the-art lateral arm technology found only in the best lateral arm awnings.

Our popular water-repellant woven acrylic fabric gives you 99% of UVA and UVB protection. It is solution-dyed, which means the color goes all the way through the fabric, so its rich color stays beautiful for years. Our 14-oz. traditional laminated fabric is 5 layers. It's coated on both sides and has no seams or stitches to wear or leak over time. It's guaranteed not to fade or crack for 5 years; it's mildew resistant and gives you 99% protection against harmful UV rays.

Your SunSetter comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. These quality awnings are made for years and years of hassle-free operation.

Can I pay for my awning over time, in installments?

Yes. We offer our popular deferred 5-payment plan for credit card users. For more details on this plan, click here.

How long have you been in business?

We've been in the awning business for more than 30 years, and we've sold more patio and deck awnings than anyone else in America.

Awning Fabrics
What type of fabric do you use, and how long does it last?

Our decorator woven acrylic fabric is the same superb quality woven fabric found on custom-made awnings across the country, but we offer exclusive stripe combinations available only from SunSetter. This woven fabric is water repellant and 100% solution-dyed. The color goes all the way through, so it resists fading and will hold its beautiful colors for years.

Our traditional laminated fabric is a strong, flame-resistant, commercial grade, 100% waterproof re-enforced vinyl. The fabric is 5 layers, mildew- and fade-resistant with a clear protective coating on each side, and 1000 denier scrim. Easy to clean so your awning fabric will look beautiful for years to come.

Both fabrics give you 99% protection against UVA and UVB rays, with an equivalent SPF of over 50! The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective UV protectant.

All SunSetter fabrics are sealed not stitched, giving them 7.5 times more strength than stitched as tested by an independent laboratory.

With proper maintenance and care, and basic common sense, both fabrics will provide you 8 to 10 years of trouble free, dependable service.

What about rain? Will I have problems with leaks?

Our traditional laminated fabric is 100% waterproof and will protect you from rain and passing showers as long as the water does not pool on the fabric. To let rain water run right off your 1000XT Model, just lower one side of the awning slightly. You can also purchase our optional rainaway arches, which create a gentle arch in the fabric so that light rain rolls off the awning and doesn't pool, even if you leave the awning open most of the time. You still need to lower one support arm, however, to create enough pitch for the water to run off. (If a really heavy storm is expected, we suggest you retract your awning fully.) While our Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, and PRO XL, Manual, and Oasis awnings will protect you from light rain and drizzle, you must retract them when the water starts to pool. Our woven acrylic fabric is water repellent and will protect you from light rain and passing showers, as long as the water does not pool on the fabric.

Why is woven acrylic fabric more expensive than laminated fabric?

The woven acrylic fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed fibers which are then twisted into threads and then woven into our luxurious and rich color patterns. This fabric is then treated for water repellency. This process is more extensive and expensive, which is the reason for the higher cost.

Why are the acrylic patterns not available in the laminated fabric?

The process of weaving the acrylic fabric from 100% solution-dyed fibers allows for more rich and bright color combinations compared to a laminated process that is based on printing technology. Our acrylic vertical stripe patterns are made exclusively for SunSetter and cannot be found anywhere else.

Why is the woven acrylic fabric not available on SunSetter's XT model?

Due to their extra supports and the ability to tilt the XT awning toward one side to let rain water run off, these awnings are used by our customers as a semi-permanent protective structure both from sun and rain. By providing these model awnings with our 100% waterproof laminated fabric, we give our customers the best rain protection available. Our lateral arm models are used mainly for sun and light rain protection, which fit the features of our acrylic water repellent fabric.

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

Waterproof fabrics like our laminated fabrics are constructed in such a way that water cannot penetrate through the fabric. In the case of woven fabrics like our acrylic fabrics, we treat the fabric to seal between the weaves. Since over time this treatment could reduce its ability to shield water, it is not considered as a waterproof fabric, only as a water repellent.

Is the awning fabric easy to clean?

Yes. Most dirt will come off just by brushing the fabric while dry and then further washing it with lukewarm water and mild soap. For stubborn dirt, follow our care and maintenance instructions included with your awning.

Awning Operation
Can I adjust the front height of the awning?

Yes, the Model 1000XT has adjustable arms that allow you to adjust the front height easily to suit your preferences or the weather. You can move it up or down to block the sun, wind, or rain as you wish. You can even adjust the two arms independently so that one side is higher than the other for better rain runoff. The front height on the SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, and Manual Awnings can also be adjusted, but it requires a few mechanical steps.

Do I have to take down my awning and store it over the winter?

No. Just close your awning and leave it on your house all year long. The SunSetter Oasis freestanding model can also be left retracted outside—no need to store it. Our fabrics have been designed to withstand the elements year-round. But if you're looking for the ultimate protection, our optional matching awning cover will do the job!

It looks as though the support arm of the 1000XT Model awning might block the stairs to my deck when the arm is angled back against the house. Can this be solved?

Place either or both awning support arms in the vertical position, so the bottom of the support arm is secured to the deck or patio floor with the deck plate included with your awning, rather than angled back. Or purchase our lateral arm awnings (motorized or manual models), which do not have any vertical support arms.

What do I do if I lose my electricity? How can I close a motorized awning?

No problem. Since your safety is very important to us, all of our Somfy motors come with a manual override. To retract your awning, just turn the manual gear using the wand that comes with your awning.

How do your manually-operated models open and close?

The 1000XT Model, Manual, and Oasis Awnings all operate with a hand crank (included). To open, you simply unroll the fabric using the hand crank wand we provide. On the XT models, you then set the support arms at the desired height. To close, just roll the fabric back toward the house (on the XT model, you need to lower the arms before rolling the fabric back toward the house).

Independent Dealers
Can I purchase a SunSetter Awning from a local dealer?

Yes, you can. Many local dealers around the country are selling SunSetter Awnings. They are independent businesses who buy the awnings from SunSetter for resale to the consumers. These dealers are not affiliated with SunSetter Products but have a SunSetter Awning on display and can answer any question you might have. Our independent dealers will show you the benefits of our awnings and how they operate. They will also let you touch and feel the construction of our fabrics, including our traditional laminated line and our woven acrylic line. All SunSetter dealers set their own pricing and might not match SunSetter Factory Direct prices.

Find a SunSetter independent dealer near you.

Will the dealer install my awning?

Most dealers will install the awnings they sell for an additional charge.

Find a SunSetter independent dealer near you.

If I purchase my SunSetter Awning from a local dealer, will SunSetter warranty the product?

Yes. No matter where you purchase your SunSetter, our 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty will cover your awning against any manufacturing defects according to the terms and conditions set forth in our warranty. SunSetter Products is not responsible and does not provide a warranty for installation services provided by the dealer.

Awning Measurements and Installation
I'm not a professional carpenter—I'm not even that handy with tools. Can I really install my awning myself?

Absolutely. It doesn't take any special background or skills to install our awnings properly. All you have to do is follow the easy steps in the installation booklet we'll send you. We'll show you everything you need to know. You can have your SunSetter up and functioning in a short morning's work, using a few simple tools. The SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, and PRO XL models are designed as plug-in units. Just secure the support brackets to the studs, then plug our factory-pre-assembled awning into the brackets and plug the power cord into your outdoor outlet, and you are ready to enjoy your awning! The Manual awning installs in a similar fashion. If you don't have the time or desire to install it yourself, a SunSetter dealer or your local handyman can do it for you in approximately 2 to 3 hours.

If you need help, call our toll free installation hotline: 1-800-876-2340. We have experts on hand who have helped homeowners on all skill levels put up their own awnings. Our staff can have you enjoying your self-installed SunSetter in no time. We're always there if you need us. Your awning comes complete with all the mounting hardware you need. (if you need special brackets for eave mounting or other special situation, tell us when ordering.)

The SunSetter Oasis freestanding model doesn't require installation—just some simple assembly.

I have a ranch house with low eaves. Will the SunSetter fit on my home?

You can install the 1000XT Model on houses with mounting heights as low as 7 ft. under overhangs and gutters. The SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, and Manual Awning need a floor-to-eave clearance of 7 ft. 6 inches. You can install any model up to 10 ft. off the deck floor. For ideas on how to install your awning directly on your eaves, or if you do not have enough vertical clearance under your eaves to install an awning, click here.

Is the SunSetter good for use on a garage, outbuilding, or mobile home?

Yes. Many people have installed SunSetter Awnings on their garages, mobile homes, poolside fences, and other stationary walls.

My deck only comes out 8 ft from my house. Can I still use the SunSetter Motorized Awning?

Yes. You can roll the awning out completely past your deck edge or railing, or you can adjust the pre-factory settings so that your awning only opens to the desired extension. You can also stop the awning anywhere during the opening or closing process using the remote control.

Can I install the awning on vinyl or aluminum siding, stucco, or on masonry?

Yes. It's easy. For the 1000XT Model, you just mount a 1" x 4" board (the same length as your awning width) on the siding first; then mount the awning to the board. You can paint the board the same color as your house or trim if you want so it will blend in nicely with your siding or trim. Our lateral arm models (Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, PRO XL, or Manual) can be installed directly onto any siding without a board. Just secure the support brackets to the studs.

Can I mount the SunSetter lateral arm awnings directly to a soffit or overhang?

Yes. We have special brackets for mounting the lateral arm awnings to a soffit or overhang. When ordering, be sure to tell us you need the soffit mount brackets instead of the standard wall mount brackets.

Will I need to hire an electrician to wire the Motorized SunSetter?

No. Your SunSetter Motorized, Motorized XL, PRO, or PRO XL Awning comes with a 18 ft. cord with a regular electrical plug at the end. The Motorized Oasis has a 24 ft. cord. Just plug your awning in and it's ready to go! (As with all outdoor appliances, a ground fault interrupter outlet is highly recommended.) And, depending on where your outlet is located, you can order your awning with the motor on the right or on the left as you face the house. The only reason you might want an electrician is to install an outlet if you don't already have one within reach of the awning cord. (Of course, you can use a heavy duty grounded extension cord with your awning, too.)

EasyShade Questions
How far does the EasyShade fabric extend?

The EasyShade fabric can be opened from 0 to 7 feet, or anywhere in between.

What is the EasyShade fabric made from, and how do I clean it?

The fabric is a plain weave, vinyl-coated polyester, with 90% coverage. No special cleaning products are necessary. We recommend a mild detergent, water, and light scrub brush.

Can I install my EasyShade myself?

Yes! Anyone with a few simple tools can install a SunSetter EasyShade easily. All you have to do is follow the easy steps in the installation booklet we provide. If you need help, call our Toll Free Installation Hotline: 1-800-876-2340. We have experts on hand who have helped homeowners of all skill levels install their EasyShade.

Can I install an EasyShade on brick or masonry?

Yes. We provide the necessary hardware to install onto wood. We recommend you consult a local hardware store for hardware specific to your masonry or brick application.

Is there any special care and maintenance needed for an EasyShade?

No. If you close the EasyShade while the fabric is wet, we recommend opening the EasyShade the next sunny day to allow the fabric to dry completely to prevent mildew from forming. The fabric itself is mildew resistant, but mildew can form on dirt, pollen, etc. that may be present on the fabric.

Do I need to remove the EasyShade and store it during the winter?

No. All SunSetter EasyShades are outdoor products that can withstand freezing and wintry conditions. Just roll the fabric into its protective aluminum housing and let the sun warm your house, helping you save on heating costs.

How long is the crank wand for the manual EasyShade?

The crank wand for the manual EasyShade is 47 inches. If the area is not easily accessible to operate with a crank wand, consider purchasing our plug-in motorized or our solar-powered model, which can be operated with a remote from anywhere, including from inside the house.

Where is the power cord on the motorized EasyShade located? And how long is it?

You have the option of requesting the 12 ft. power cord (motor) on the left or right side of the motorized EasyShade. Left or right is as you are facing the point of installation from the outside of you home, looking toward your home.

I am purchasing more than one remote-controlled EasyShade for an open porch area. Will each EasyShade have to be operated individually?

Each motorized EasyShade you purchase comes standard with a multi-channel radio controlled remote control. You can program all of your EasyShades to operate individually or simultaneously on the same remote.

What is the expected life span of the battery pack of the Solar-Powered EasyShade?

The battery pack is warranted for three (3) years not to fail under normal conditions if maintained, operated, used, and stored in accordance with the instructions contained with the product.

Where can I purchase a replacement battery pack?

A replacement battery pack can be purchased directly from SunSetter.

What is the expected life span of the solar panel?

The solar panel is warranted for three (3) years not to fail under normal conditions if maintained, operated, used, and stored in accordance with the instructions contained with the product. It can be easily replaced and can be purchased directly from SunSetter.