SunSetter Flagpoles

The SunSetter Telescoping Flagpole Makes Ordinary Poles Obsolete...

SunSetter has totally rethought flagpole design, to create the ultimate telescoping flagpole for home and business use. This remarkable pole eliminates the tangling, noise, maintenance, and hassle of conventional flagpoles, allowing you to attach and fly up to two flags easily and beautifully. It's easy to use, easy to install, it's even portable, for use at sporting events, races, and tailgate parties. Easy to mount on a dock or deck as well.
  • Extends up 20 feet easily in seconds!
  • Telescopes down to 7 ft. with push-button ease! No ropes to snarl, no hardware to clang!
  • Flags fly freely without tangling, thanks to 360 degree rotating collars.
  • Locking collars and base. It's portable! Take it with you to sporting events and tailgate parties.
  • Rust-proof, maintenance-free aircraft quality aluminum in your choice of anodized aluminum, bronze baked enamel or white baked enamel finishes.
  • Earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.
  • Carries a 5 Year Limited Warranty, the best in the industry.